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There is nothing like well Aged & Vintage Pipe Tobacco. The aging process will make a good tobacco better and a great tobacco superb. There is no substitute for aging even if everything else remains the same in a blend.
Think it's expensive, it isn't. A $ 100 50 gm tin works out to 15 bowls at $ 3 a bowl. Each less than a cheap cigar.

We don't guarantee Vintage tins as there are too many variables but we do our best to insure that they are most likely to be of good standard. As with Vintage wines or cigars so with Vintage pipe tobacco. There are no guarantees. There can be microscopic air leaks that we can not see etc. They are sold as is.
All of the tins offered have their age marked if known.


You can order by emailing us or calling us toll free.
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Every tin is in VG - EX condition with no rust, unless otherwise noted, there may be the odd ding but we have checked as best able that it has not affected the tins integrity, etc. (unless otherwise noted) only the normal sign of use & maybe some tarnishing on the tins.

LAST UPDATE May 15, 2018. Minimum Order $ 25.00 USD

Hearth & Home Ten to Midnight 1 x 1.5 ozs. 2012 1 x $ 15.00
Godfrey Phillips Grand Cut Flake. The best I can figure this Flake was last made in 1960. This flake is so rare I don't know is there is anybody alive today who has smoked it. The weight for its volume seems right and the integrity of the tin is good. Some minor scuffs & a few surface rust spots. It's a Virginia Flake. 1 x 50 gms $ 110.00
Bill Bailey's Balkan Blend - Dan Tobacco - this is a full Balkan with Latakia foremost with the Oriental's coming in as you progress & a hint of Perique and some Kentucky adding backbone. If you are a Balkan fan this is for you. It has at least 4 years of aging. Each pouch feels properly springy and weighs the correct 57-58 gms, so the moisture level is right.We sell at as 5 x 50 gms = 250 gms. $ 45.00 a 5 pack.
C&D Da Vinci 1 x 2 oz's. $ 15.00
The No1 is an exotic blend of Black Cavendish, Burley and long cut' s of Virginia from 3 continents. The tobacco has been cased with fine aroma of Vanilla, Coconut and original Jamaica Rum. Aromatic with great smell. 1 x 100 gms $ 15.00
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Peter Stokkebye Danish Deluxe - presumable a heavily Burley - at least 10 years on it. 1 x 100 gms $ 20.00
John Aylesbury Virginia turned to Cavendish aromatic with Amraetto. ready Rubbed
1 x 100 gms $ 25.00
Stanwell Danish Truffle Mixture aromatic 3 x 100 gms $ 10.00 each
Planta - Anno Mimi Reading the German it is Virginias, Black Cavendish & Schnittarten ( different cuts). 100 gms. $ 10.00
Planta - Anno Mimi Reading the German it is Southern Carolina Virginia, Black Cavendish & different cuts with a Burgundy Wine topping. 100 gms. $ 10.00
Planta - Anno Mimi Reading the German it is Southern Carolina Virginia, Black Cavendish & different cuts. 100 gms. $ 10.00
Navy Flake often described as a lighter alternative to Gawith's Full Virginia Flake. Known to be very cool without bite. Year 2012 1 x 50 gms $ 25.00
Mac Baren Scottish Blend - This is made of a whole variety of different matured Virginia's, Cavendish, Golden Burley. It is a mild smoke and rewards slow puffing as you can overheat if puffing quickly. Each pouch feels properly springy and weighs the correct 57-58 gms, so the moisture level is right.Year 2008 - 10 years old. 5 x 50 gms each $ 10.00
Mac Baren Vanilla Aromatic Flake Cut. 1 x 50 gms $ 15.00
Brebbia probably made by C&D 1 x 50 gms $ 10.00
Liberty (Dan Tobacco) is a Lemon Virginia that has been cased with fruit berries and nuts. The nicotine is mild. 1 x 50 gms Year 2012 $ 15.00 each
Independence (Dan Tobacco) Virginia tobaccos combined with Black Cavendish and a small portion of Latakia. Rich tasting, even burning, and light to medium bodied.1 x 50 gms Year 2014 $ 10.00 each
Stanwell Vanilla 2 x 50 gm $ 15.00
Peterson's' Connoisseurs Choice year 2011 - 2 x 50 gms $ 15.00 each
Berens 2 x 50 gms $ 12.00 for both.
Sherry & Cherry Poschl Tobacco Co. Made in Germany. 50 gms x 6. $ 15.00 for 2 tins
Skandinavik Cavendish - Danish style broken flake Cavendish. 2 x 100 gms $ 18.00 each
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Dan Tobacco Von Eicken Springwater It is a blend of golden sun-cured Virginia ready rubbed flakes and black, shiny cavendish with Almond topping. Ideal for those who like mild aromatics. Highly regarded. Out of production.
Year 2003 1 x 100 gms. $ 18.00
Timm Mixture German I guess. 1 x 100 gms $ 12.00
K&K 25th Anniversary Mxiture.
Butera Royal Vintage Latakia # 1. 2013 4 x 50 gms $ 32.00 each
E. U. Christmas Mixture Black Cavendish, golden Virginias & Stachelbeer topping. 1 x 100 $ 12.00
E. U. Christmas Mixture Virginai, Burley & Irish Cream with Vanilla, 1 x 100 $ 12.00
E. U. Calume Bright Virginias & Black Cavendish aromatic. 1 x 100 $ 12.00
E. U. Pergamon High Grade Virginias, Oriental & fermented aromatic? 1 x 100 $ 12.00
Bentley Danish no idea 1 x 100 $ 12.00
Gawith Jubilee 2012 - The new limited edition Jubilee 2012 pipe tobacco celebrates The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and Samuel Gawith's 220th year of producing fine English tobaccos. Virginias and Black Cavendish with the fizz of champagne. 1 x 50 gms $ 20.00
Gawith Ennerdale UK Made 2011 year. 1 x 50 gms $ 26.00
Gawith 1792 - their absolutely fullest Flake and probably the fullest strongest flake anywhere. Year 2011. 5 x 50 gms $ 30.00 each.
Rattray's 7 Reserve - Year 2009 A Virginia Turkish English mixture that is lighter than Hal O' The Wynd.      3 x 100 gms $ 32.00 each
Cellini 1 x 100 gms $ 10.00
Reiner Light English Year 2010 - 1 x 50 gms $ 24.00
H&H Sweet & Savory Yellow and red Virginias for sweetness, Yenidje and Basma for a naturally floral note, Perique " pepper” character, and smoky, spicy dark fired Kentucky for complexity and “kick”. Year 2012 2 x 50 gms $ 15.00 each
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410

Captain Black Gold 1 x 6 packs (10 oz's total a 6 pack) $ 20.00 each 10 oz's pack

Thomas Radford Classic Port. Selected Virginia and Burley tobaccos, the best tobacco leaves are saturated by hand in Vintage Port for the unique soft aroma. The tobacco's tones are gold, reddish brown and black. Virginia is very rich and mellow due to all the aging. The Port is almost non existence. Out of production year 2008. 1 x 100 gms $ 25.00
Stanwell Hansom Cab 1 x 100 gms $ 15.00
Ilsted's Own Mixture No 77 Good aromatic with Raisin fruit like flavor. 1 x 100 gms $ 15.00
Ashton Celebrated Sovereign Year 2004. Made by McClelland. It is 14 years old. 1 x 200, 2 x 2004
3 x 50 gms $ 55.00 a tin.

email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Vauen No. 10 - Virginia, Black Cavendish, Red Virginia and Whiskey topping, aromatic Year 2012 - 1 x 100 gms. $ 15.00
Ashton 1 Winding Road + 1 Consummate Gentleman 2 x 50 gms $ 15.00
Wessex Balkan Supreme - a lighter Balkan mixture with Latakia in the back and Oriental being the major note. Not harsh & no bite. 2 x 50 gms, $ 35.00 each
W.O. Larsen Old Fashioned - tax stamp is D Marks - so we know it is minimum of 18 years old. 1 x 100 gms $ 35.00
Golden Goal Germany 2006 celebration of something to do with soccer. Limited edition. 2006. 1 x 50 gms $ 15.00
C&D 1998-1999. - these are from when Craig Tarler was beginning and the tobaccos were packed in plastic bags. They were carefully put into mason jars (by the customer) and have remained sealed ever since. Each one has certainly improved with 20 years aging. The picture at left is how each has been repacked in a mason jar . Each weight is as marked. $ 10.00 each

C&D Cavendish Cavendish, Cut Burley & Virginia 1 x 100 gms
C&D # 300 Peaches & Cream 1 x 200 gms
C&D # 165 Mild Turkish 1 x 120 gms


Davidoff Scottish Mixture - Virginia's burley, Kentucky and a bit of Oriental's with a splash of Scotch Whisky. A medium bodied smoke that is easily enjoyable. Can also work as an all day smoke. I consider it one of the best Whisky flavored blends. 3 x 50 gms $ 55.00 each.
Bokum Riff Cherry 4 x 50 gms $ 15.00 for 200 gms
Skandinavak Vanilla 1 x 100 gms $ 15.00


Drugstore Tobaccos

Paladin Aromatic USA - 14 oz's. $ 15.00
Exclusive Cavendish EU 200 gms $ 12.00
Admiral's Choice Sutliff USA - similar to their Black & Gold 2 x 8 oz tins. $ 10.00 each
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
USA Lorillard 7 oz's (198 gms) 4 x 7 oz's $ 12.00 each
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Caledonian Navy Cut - Virginia Perique no longer produced. For those who love Virginias and/or Va/Pers this is all natural, smooth and tasteful tobacco that's definitely 4-star worthy! 2 x 50 gms $ 35.00 each SOLD
Craven Mixture 1999 Made in Northern Ireland. This is the genuine original legendary Carven mixture. Rarely turns up. 2 x 50 gm $ 145.00 SOLD
McClelland Tudor Castle Tudor Castle uses a very high sugar content bright Virginia with a good amount of rare No.1 grade Yenidje, Red Virginia both dark stoved and raw red plus a full amount of barrel aged Louisiana Perique. The last tin on EBay went for $ 132.00 Year 2010 1 x 50 gms $ 95.00 SOLD
Sullivan's Special Mixture - superb one of the greats. Up their with Balkan Sobranie 759, G. Smith & Sons London Export and State Express. Somewhat fuller in the Orientals and less on the Latakia than Sobranie.
1 x 50 gms $ 235.00
Balkan Sobranie - One of the all time great tobaccos. A base of red Virginia with Syrian Latakia and rare Yenidje orientals. This is a pouch from the mid-late 1990's made in the UK. The pouch feel spring and no crispness. It should be as near new. Because it is a pouch we cannot guarantee it. Both feel fresh.
2 x 50 gms $ 225.00 each SOLD
Gallahers Kings Flake - extremely rare - only tin I have ever seen. Best I can find out a Virginia Flake rich & dark. Best guess 1960's. 1 x 50 gms $ 75.00 SOLD
The Balkan Sobranie - the legend in a tin in good shape - weight matches volume and sounds good. Every review of this mixture anywhere rave about it. Enough said.
1 x 50 gms
Dunhill Gold Blend Royal Warrant - pre 1981 made by Dunhill. 1 x 50 gms $ 145.00 SOLD
Gold Block by Ogdens of Liverpool. The original UK made. A shag cut and the highest grade Virginia/Burley leaf has unusually naturally sweet taste. It smokes cool, burns slow and with much smoke. This delivers a true"tobacco taste" tobacco with an unique sweetness.
Year pre 1994. 1 x 50 gms $ 135.00 SOLD
Balkan Sobranie 1999 200 gms. This is the foil sealed one. It should be perfect. The tobacco has no rattle. 1 x 200 gms $ 750.00 SOLD
Minimum Order $ 25.00 USD


Gordon Pym is, without question, one of the strongest smelling blends I have ever put into my pipe. The latakia was HUGE. The Orientals and Virginia were far in the background and for some reason, the Maryland leaf really exploded.

You can order by emailing us or calling us toll free - 1 888 782 1410.

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