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There is nothing like well aged Vintage Pipe Tobacco. It beats anything made in the last few decades. There is no substitute for aging even if everything else remains the same in a blend. Almost all the vintage pipe tobacco we offer was made in the UK, and is marked as such.

We don't guarantee Vintage tins as there are too many variables but we do our best to insure that they are most likely to be of good standard. As with Vintage wines or cigars so with Vintage pipe tobacco. There are no guarantees. There can be microscopic air leaks that we can not see etc. They are sold as is.
Prices are as marked.


NEW CANADIAN TOBACCO RULES: The tobacco Gestapo have struck again. We will no longer be able to offer click through ordering. You can still order by emailing us or calling us toll free - 1 888 782 1410.

Every tin is in VG - EX condition with no rust, unless otherwise noted, there may be the odd ding but we have checked as best able that it has not affected the tins integrity, etc. (unless otherwise noted) only the normal sign of use & maybe some tarnishing on the tins.
I know nothing about this except it is Made in the United Kingdom (Marked on the back). I have only seen this once before. I am guess it is an all or mainly Virginia. 100gms. $ 75.00   
Barry Levin Blackwood 1999 100gms $ 95.00 1 tin.

Bengal Slices 1982 -UK Made - 50 gms

ALL SOLD This is the original UK made - not the aromatic repeat not aromatic - This according to well informed sources was Balkan Sobranie pressed into a Flake with some gentle topping. GL Pease writes on an aged tin , "the Latakia has softened somewhat, has given up some of its edge, and the additional scent has integrated more completely with the rest of the tobaccos, adding a little baroque ornamentation to the overall experience without being in any way ostentatious or overbearing, and subtly enhances what would otherwise be just a really good mixture. It’s dark and opulent..... Age has been very, very good to this. The thick slices have become almost completely black, with the occasional glint of red or deep brown shooting through the darkness. It is, in a word, magnificent in every way, and how often can we honestly say that about any tobacco, past or present? " I would describe it as an equivalent to an Old Master painting - for an idea of tastes & flavor think Rembrandt. rich , vibrant and dark.

John Sinclair's true 1980s Made in England Craven Mixture in 50g tins. 9 tins $ 115.00 each. UK production ceased in the late 1980's early 1990's. Prices are a little better than previously as we got this group of tins at a lower cost.
Original production began back in the 1860’s, and the Sinclair family kept producing this to the original recipe that included Syrian Latakia, small leaf Orientals and the best well aged Virginia leaf. Many smokers say was the best tobacco ever made. I smoke this whenever I can, it is absolutely superb. John Sinclair also made Barney’s Ideal Mixture, Parson’s Pleasure and Punchbowle. A master-blending house, sadly long gone.
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Dunhill Gold Blend - made by Dunhill 1968 Qty 1 $ 85.00 Virginia Mixture that is smooth and gently aromatic without being heavy. (John Loring) Discontinued???
James Upshall English Classic made by McConnell's UK circa 2000. 100 gms x tins $ 65.00 each. This long gone McConnell's made blend was one of those light English style tobaccos with a lot of that well aged McConnell's Virginia and some Cyprian Latakia to give it zest. Unusually it is full flavored but not strong. a very good all day smoke.
Rattrays' Dark Fragrant 1980's. QTY 1 $ 85.00 - definitely UK made by Rattrays' in Scotland. Pictorial top and gold colored bottom.
Butera Royal Vintage Matured Ribbon 1997 50 gms QTY 1 $ 45.00
Rattrays 3 Noggins UK Made made by McConnell's, Date est. 1970's. $ 105.00 1 tin 4 oz's. Tin has pictorial opening instruction on top with gold bottom.
Barry Levin Turkish Woods 1999 100gms $ 95.00 1 tin.
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H. Simmons - 1996 - that mean Burlington Arcade same as where Sullivan was made. 50 gms $ 95.00 Never smoked this one. Says aromatic bouquet with no additives or artificial flavors. That means some way of treating some Virginia with heat and maybe a herb to. Very, very rare.
Barry Levin Bombay Extra 1999 100gms $ 95.00 2 tin.
Barneys Punchbowle - 1983 $ 145.00. UK Made. This is John Sinclair made by Murray's. 5 Tin.
This is mixture for those who enjoy full English Latakia/Virginia. Its strength and fullness is up there with Balkan Sobranie and Nightcap. It is more to sweet side than sour and a full taste. This tobacco does have a goodly helping of Latakia. A smoky, musty, woodsy odor wafts from a freshly opened tin. The great age has caused the different leaf to meld. I smoke this in the winter and it it is one of my favorites. email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Rothschilds Scottish Mixture - 1997 (Murrays Made UK) 50 gms $ 115.00 - The bottom has a ding but otherwise the tin seems intact. I have smoked a number of the Rothschilds' and a have been superb English Mixture. This one I have not smoked but am sure it is up there with the rest of them.
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Dunhill My Mixture 965 - considered by many the best English Mixture ever made. Murrays 1995. SOLD $. Qty 2 x 50gm tins.
Barry Levin Virginia Woods 1999 100gms $ 95.00 1 tin.
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or call 1-888-782-1410

McConnell Black & Gold UK Made that makes this a very rare 50 gm tin that is from 1988, 29 years old. $ 55.00 QTY 2 tin. The Original Blend of 1848 that was followed until the doors closed in1990. It used Bright Virginia leaf, rich black Cavendish as the base balanced with Dubec Turkish and Louisiana Perique making this a smooth mild blend full of flavor & stratifying. no Latakia.
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McConnell Maduro UK Made that makes this a very rare 50 gm tin that is from 1988, 29 years old. $ 65.00 1 tin. McConnell's Maduro smokes cool and is a unique smoke due to the cut. A few bowls a day can be smoked without stressing the palate. The added cigar leaf is barely noticeable. A bowl of this has a slow burn rate with lingering flavor.
Dunhill Royal Yacht 1 tins. 1981-90 made by Murrays. 2 oz's. - $ 115.00 each. An all Virginia blend most aged between 3-5 years to give the blend a natural rich sweetness. There are light and rich heavier cooler Virginias. A unique flavor is created by the subtle use of different leaf and cuts along with a piquant aroma. Truly a deluxe tobacco. The new post 2000 Orlick stuff is not a spot on this.
McClelland # 8 Qty 2 x 100 gms. 2001. $ 35.00 English/Oriental Mixture.
Pelican MADE IN DENMARK 2007 - 50 gm 6 4 tins $ 95.00 each. With the good 10 years of aging this should smoke very mellow.
McClelland # 6 Qty 1 x 100 gms. 2001. $ 35.00 English/Oriental Mixture.
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Mac Baren Navy Flake 2010 app. $ 18.00 1 tin.

McClelland # 12 Qty 1 x 100 gms. 2000. $ 35.00 English/Oriental Mixture.
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Ashton Pebble Cut UK Made 4 oz's. Qty 1 tins. 1988 - 28 years of aging. $ 75.00
A Carolina and Virginia leaf for the backbone and Macedonian is added and a helping of Perique.
Marlowe 2 oz $ 125.00 Qty. 1 tin. Blended by Robert McConnell for A. Garfinkel, Inc of Washington D.C, a tobacco shop that closed up around 1990. Marlowe is a blend heavy in pungent and spicy Orientals, a moderate dose of Latakia and Virginias. Considered to be the finest Garfinkel blend ever produced, behind only their Oriental Express series that were fuller.
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Ashton - Fragrant Blend 1 x 100 gm tin $ 75.00. 1980's. This is the original Robert McConnell's UK blended tin dated to the late 1980s. The primary ingredient in this blend is a broad leaf Virginia which has been cut straight out of a 16 lb. block matured under cold pressure for two weeks. Added to this is a jet black Cavendish, shiny and enriched by pressure and heat. Mottled Red Virginia and an equal portion of dark brown Maduro then complete the blend. The whole is then passed through a copper cylinder where fruit essences are added and sealed into the tobacco by contact with the copper stove. The blend then lies 'bulked up' for a further week when the various flavors intermingle to produce a unique blend.
Ashton Black Parrot UK Made 4 oz's. Qty 1 tins. of aging $ 85.00
A Virginia Perique mix Bright Carolina and some Red Virginia. Complex, spicy and nuance notes throughout a bowlful. This is apparently smoother than the McClelland version.
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Artisans's Blend Ashton 2006. $ 30.00
Rattrays Black Mallory - 2002 - 14 years old. EU Made. 4 oz's - $ 45.00 (3 tins)
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
McClelland's Black Shag 2001. $ 55.00 2 tins 15 years of aging.
McConnell Scottish Blend 50 gms Denmark 1 3/4 oz's/50 gms. At least 15 years old. $ 55.00
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Sullivan Powell Special Mixture 1992 - 2 oz's - $ 155.00 UK Made. In the same vein as Gentleman's Mixture, but heavier on the Latakia and lighter on the Virginia and Oriental components. Very rich and smoky blend that has real spine. I love to smoke this one on a winters night with a substantial libation, after a solid meal.
Rothschilds - English Mixture UK Made (probably by Murray's) 10+ years. $ 125.00. Qty 2
I have smoked it and it is up with the best of the UK Made tobaccos. Latakia with a medium hand, Turkish for that smoothness on a dark Virginia base.
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Butera Royal Vintage Dark Stoved 2001. $ 55.00 1 tin 50 gms. 15 years of aging on this flake should make it sing.
Rattrays' Jocks's Mixture 4 oz's 2001 - 15 years old . EU Made 4 oz's - $ 45.00
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Rattrays' 3 Noggins 4 oz's late 1980's-1990's. - 20 years old minimum . Hard to judge as it is labeled in ounces suggests UK but the tin printing suggests possible EU. Made 4 oz's - $ 55.00
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
Davidoff Royalty - 50 gms $ 45.00 2010. Qty. 2.
Probably one of their best mixtures. A light latakia blend of predominately virginias and orientals. The color is mostly light with streaks of black and the cut is a ribbon. The tobacco taste is of sweet virginia with a subtleties and overtones of Orientals, including a light dose of latakia. It is is a good solid smoking mixture, not complex but a enjoyable flavor without bite. This is a tobacco that ages well and the 5 years aging will make it very smooth.
Samuel Gawith Balkan Flake 2010 - QTy 5 tins. $ 28.00 One of my favorite flakes combing the rich full tasting slow burning Virginai Flake with a definite bunt of lightly spicy Latakia. Goes exceedingly well after a diner of lamb chops, mint sauce, potatoes/French Fries accompanied by a Kim Crawford Pinot Noir. For an evening smoke goes well with Laphroaig.
Samuel Gawith - The Mayors Chocolate Flake 2005 Qty 1 tin. $ 28.00 Burley/Virginia with some Cyprian Latakia , noticeable but not prominent and of course notes of Chocolate. Whether they actually use chocolate I am not sure. I enjoy it after a steak diner, particularly Rib Eye as it nicely compliments the slight bone sweetness of of the steak. Also goes well with a full bodied red wine with a higher tannin level, Spanish Rojas work well accompanied by English Stilton. Surprising works well with Stout.
Davidoff English Mixture UK made. slightly aromatic. 1997. Qty 1 tin.
One of the few aromatics I will smoke as the taste is predominantly English, meaning Virginias, Oriental and maybe a hint of Latakia. 50 gms. $ 45.00


NEW CANADIAN TOBACCO RULES: The tobacco Gestapo have struck again. You can still order Vintage Tins by emailing us or calling us toll free - 1 888 782 1410.

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