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There is nothing like well Aged & Vintage Pipe Tobacco. The aging process will make a good tobacco better and a great tobacco superb. There is no substitute for aging even if everything else remains the same in a blend.
Think it's expensive, it isn't. A $ 100 50 gm tin works out to 15 bowls at $ 3 a bowl. Each less than a cheap cigar.

We don't guarantee Vintage tins as there are too many variables but we do our best to insure that they are most likely to be of good standard. As with Vintage wines or cigars so with Vintage pipe tobacco. There are no guarantees. There can be microscopic air leaks that we can not see etc. They are sold as is.
All of the tins offered have their age marked if known.


You can order by emailing us or calling us toll free.
Every tin is in VG - EX condition with no rust, unless otherwise noted, there may be the odd ding but we have checked as best able that it has not affected the tins integrity, etc. (unless otherwise noted) only the normal sign of use & maybe some tarnishing on the tins.

LAST UPDATE Jan. 17, 2018.
Minimum Order $ 25.00 USD

C&D Da Vinci 1 x 2 oz's. $ 20.00
G.L. Pease Cairo 2003 Cairo is a complex mixture of red, orange and bright Virginia tobaccos, with exotic oriental leaf, and a smidgen of Perique. 1 x 2 oz's $ 35.00
G.L. Pease Triple Play Ripe red and bright flue-cured tobaccos are joined by piquant Acadian Perique and a balanced measure of smoky dark-fired Kentucky. The leaf is pressed and matured in cakes before being cut into 2oz bars, resulting in a bold blend for Virginia and Perique fans. year 2012 1 x 50 gms $ 18.00

Gawith Squadron Leader 2008 - only 500 tins made Perique in 2008 to commemorate the 1928 edition. 500 tins only. 1 x 50 gms $ 85.00 each  

Amphora 1 x 5 packs $ 15.00 each 5 pack
McClelland Tawny Flake 2006. 2 x 50 gms $ 20.00
McClelland's Smyrna No. 1 Year 2007. 11 years of aging is fuse the combination of Virginias and 'little ears" Turkish Smyrna to an unbelievable gentleness on the platte. There is no Latakia in this mixture. 3 x 50 gms. $ 18.00 each.
McClelland's Premium Aromatic Town Topic Year 2012. Fragrant in the room, easy on the palate, this non biting blend has a lasting good taste. Gently Maple flavored. 5 years of aging is going to smooth it our even more. 3 x 50 gms. $ 15.00 each.
McClelland's Easy Street 1998 American black cavendish with a smart choice of English Walnut topping is both subtle and complimentary. 1 x 50 gms $ 20.00
McClelland Oriental Mixture # 12 Qty 1 x 100 gms. 2000. $ 35.00 After being pummeled by excessively latakia forward blends which smother the light Turkish and Virginias this blend is a wonderfully balanced experience. It allows the lighter tobaccos to announce their presence with a nice complimentary taste of the smokier latakia. For me, it is the perfect English mixture.
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
McClelland # 8 Qty 2 x 100 gms. 2001. $ 35.00 each, English/Oriental Mixture.
McClelland # 6 Qty 1 x 100 gms. 2001. $ 45.00 English/Oriental Mixture.
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
McClelland No. 25 Virginia Rubbed out Red and Black caked Virginias. Exceptionally smooth. Year 2003. 134 years of aging will make this sing. 1 x 50 gms $ 45.00
McClelland's CPCC Contest Blend 2012 A fully rubbed out Virginia blend with a light touch of Oriental's. There is some sweetness and a measure of that wonderful Virginia tang.
1 x 100 gms $ 35.00
Davidoff Scottish Mixture. It uses high grades of Virginia, Burley, Kentucky and a small portion of Oriental tobaccos. It is known as being smooth, naturally sweet and light. 15 x 50 gms $ 8.00 each
Captain Earle's Hermit - 1998 100 gms $ 45.00
Anno Mimi Reading the German it is Virginia, Black Cavendish & Schnittarten ( different cuts). 100 gms. $ 10.00
Condor Ready Rubbed - 2 x 50 gms + 4 x 25 gms . Total 400 gms. $ 35.00
McBaren Mature Virginia 2007. tin # 46 of 500. This is a good, medium and slightly sweet Virginia that has an ever so slight Oriental hint. The unflavored Burley Cavendish adds a feeling of fullness with each puff that would not present without such. The flavor is pretty much the same throughout the bowl. It is also a mid-grade strength. Overall a very satisfying Virginia blend. 11 years of aging will only enhance is fine qualities. No longer made. 1 x 100 gms $ 40.00
Mac Barens Symphony Ready Rubbed 200 gms $ 45.00
Mac Baren Vanilla Cream - Year 2012 giving it 6 years of aging. 1 x 100 gms. $ 20.00 each
Mac Baren Golden Extra - Year 2012 giving it 6 years of aging. 1 x 100 gms. $ 25.00 each
Mac Barens DIY Kit - 5 different tobaccos to make you own with - 200 gms. $ 45.00
Mac Barens Virginia Flake 2009 - That gives it a good 9 years of aging making a great flake better. V
2 x 50 gms. $ 18.00 each.
Dan Tobacco Midnight Ride - A Virginia base with Orientals & Perique with no bite or harshness. It has no Latakia and in many ways smokes and tastes like and English Mixture. Year 1999. With 20 years of aging this will smoke very cool and smooth. 1 x 50 gms. $ 25.00
Liberty is a Lemon Virginia that has been cased with fruit berries and nuts. The nicotine is mild. 2 x 50 gms $ 15.00 each
Orlick seriously aged Captain Black pre 1999, by the tax stamps. 20 years of aging. 2 x 50 gms $ 18.00 each
Stanwell Rose & Crown Flake. This is a broken flake smoke with dark brown color, but also some lighter leaves throughout. It has a toping that suggests Cinnamon& Citrus. Being a Flake smoke it slowly. 5 x 50 gms. $ 6.00 each.
Berens Special Mixture Aromatic 4 x 50 gms. $ 6.00 each
Sherry & Cherry Poschl Tobacco Co. Made in Germany. 50 gms x 6. $ 15.00 for 2 tins
W.O. Larsen Blend # 50 1 x 100 gms $ 30.00
Solani Blend 113. Combining coarse cut sweet red Virginia, bright broad cut Virginia, broken Virginia flake and sweet black cavendish. Two toppings are used, black currants treated with Bacardi and coco cream, resulting in a wonderful tin and room aroma. An aromatic that is well regarded by smokers who do not normally do aromatics. Year 2010. 1 x 50 gms $ 18.00
Butera Royal Vintage Latakia # 1. 2013 4 x 50 gms $ 32.00 each
Butera Royal Vintage Blended Flake Year 2012 - McClelland Virginias, Perique, and Orientals. One of the few non-Latakia Oriental blends on the market. 1 x 50 gms. $ 32.00
Lane USA - 1 x 50 gms $ 15.00 (tin seems no leaks)
Gawith Balkan Mixture UK Made 2010 year. 1 x 50 gms $ 28.00
Gawith Ennerdale UK Made 2011 year. 1 x 50 gms $ 26.00
Gawith Navy Flake - a full flake Year 2012 1 x 50 gms $ 24.00
Gawith 1792 - their absolutely fullest Flake and probably the fullest strongest flake anywhere. Year 2011. 5 x 50 gms $ 24.00 each.
Gawith Balkan Flake - Samuel Gawith Balkan Flake 2010 - Qty 5 tins. $ 28.00 One of my favorite flakes combing the rich full tasting slow burning Virginai Flake with a definite bunt of lightly spicy Latakia. Goes exceedingly well after a diner of lamb chops, mint sauce, potatoes/French Fries accompanied by a Kim Crawford Pinot Noir. For an evening smoke goes well with Laphroaig. I smoke it as my go to outdoor tobacco because of its slow burn rate. Year 2010. 7 x 50 gms $ 24.00 each.
Larsen Old Fashioned - tax stamp is D Marks - so we know it is minimum of 18 years old. 1 x 100 gms $ 15.00
Sweet Dublin 100 gms $ 12.00
Rattrays 7 Reserve - Year 2009 A Virginia Turkish English mixture that is lighter than Hal O' The Wynd.      4 x 100 gms $ 28.00 each
Rattrays' Hal O" The Wynd Year 2006. With 16 years of aging this pure Virginia is going to be a very smooth smoke. 1 x 100 gms. $ 36.00 each

Rattrays' Dark Fragrant Year 2006. With 12 years of aging this Stoved Red & Black Cavendish is a full flavored smoke with a very good room aroma. There are no added flavorings or casing used the aroma is just from the blend of the ingredients. 1 x 100 gms. $ 35.00 each email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410

Rattrays' Black Virginia Year 2012 A coal-black Cavendish without any flavor additions. This is smooth an cool & is an all day smoker. 1 x 50 gms $ 28.00
Cellini 1 x 100 gms $ 10.00
Fribourg & Tryer Vintage 1 x 50 gms $ 20.00
Reiner Light English 2010 - 1 x 50 gms $ 15.00
Koninglisch Mild Virginia Mixture made by Planta Tobacco 2 x 100 gms $ 7.00 each
Ashton Celebrated Sovereign Year 2000. It is 27 years old. I am guessing by the printing it was McClelland made. 3 x 50 gms $ 55.00 a tin.
Erikson Norwegian Blend 3 x 50 gms $ 8.00 each
Ashton 1 Winding Road + 1 Consummate Gentleman 2 x 50 gms $ 15.00
Wessex Export Virginia Shag 1 x 50 gms, $ 8.00 each
Poul Stanwell Jubilee - 1 x 50 gms $ 35.00 - reading the Danish on the back it appears it is Virginias, 3 year aged Burley in Burley and Dark Fired Kentucky with some Oriental. From various reviews and aromatic for pop[el who generally don't like them.
Davidoff Royalty - 50 gms $ 35.00 2010. Qty. 2. Davidoff's Royalty is really the same blend as Elephant & Castle's Cromwell. Ken McConnell, when re-introducing the blends in the 1980s, simply changed the name. I really like the strength of the Virginia and sweetness of the Oriental. There's also a little bit of Latakia in the mix, but it stayed deep in the background. This is one of those blends that somehow ages beautifully. The older the better with Royalty! These are the larger, round tins and were introduced in the late 1990s and then the look of the tins changed somewhere around 2004 or 2005, so, although not date stamped these tins are late 1990s - early 2000's production. I have 1 tin available for $ 36.00 per tin
Sillems Black Diamond Poul Ilsted - pre 1999 (DM Tax stamp) 100 gms ready rubbed. Germany with 18 years of aging this should be exceedingly smooth. The main ingredient is smoky Latakia with aromatic Black Cavendish, this blend becomes smoother. A small portion of Burley gives a slight toasted aroma, and a pinch of bright Virginia brings a subtle sweet note. All reviews say it is very mellow and enjoyable. 1 x 100 gms $ 40.00

Balkan Sasieni - 1 x 50 gms $ 35.00 email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410

Erinmore Murrays pre 2005 Made in the UK. 5 x 50 gm $ 35.00 each
Davidoff English Mixture UK made. slightly aromatic. 1997. Qty 1 tin x 50 gm.
One of the few aromatics I will smoke as the taste is predominantly English, meaning Virginias, Oriental and maybe a hint of Latakia. 50 gms. $ 35.00
Drugstore Tobaccos
Barking Dog - House of Windsor USA. This is one of the classic American English blends made of nutty cube-cut Burley, Latakia and a touch of bright Virginia. Barking Dog is old-fashioned and comforting. 3 tins 10 oz's (283.5 gms) $ 25.00 each
HALF and HALF - the we all started with. A timeless mix of loose cut Burley and Virginia tobaccos with notes of Cardamom, Coriander and Maze 5 x 14 oz's tins. $ 35.00 each.
Sir Walter Raleigh - 2 ancient tins in good shape. Sir Walter Raleigh in a 14 oz still factory sealed ring pull tin - early 1990ís. The Lane Limited version is still being made today. Burley cube cut that was enhanced with an aromatic agent. 2 x 14 oz's tins. $ 40.00 each.
Exclusive Cavendish EU 200 gms $ 12.00
Admiral's Choice USA - 4 x 8 oz tins. $ 15.00 each
Rum & Maple another long gone favorite. 1 x 14 oz's $ 20.00

USA Lorillard 7 oz's (198 gms) $ 25.00 email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410

Minimum Order $ 25.00 USD


You can order by emailing us or calling us toll free - 1 888 782 1410.

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