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There is nothing like well aged Vintage Pipe Tobacco. It beats anything made in the last few decades. There is no substitute for aging even if everything else remains the same in a blend. Almost all the vintage pipe tobacco we offer was made in the UK, and is marked as such.

We don't guarantee Vintage tins as there are too many variables but we do our best to insure that they are most likely to be of good standard. As with Vintage wines or cigars so with Vintage pipe tobacco. There are no guarantees. There can be microscopic air leaks that we can not see etc. They are sold as is.
Prices are as marked.


NEW CANADIAN TOBACCO RULES: The tobacco Gestapo have struck again. We will no longer be able to offer click through ordering. You can still order by emailing us or calling us toll free - 1 888 782 1410.

Every tin is in VG - EX condition with no rust, unless otherwise noted, there may be the odd ding but we have checked as best able that it has not affected the tins integrity, etc. (unless otherwise noted) only the normal sign of use & maybe some tarnishing on the tins.
Captain Earle's Hermit - 1998 100 gms $ 65.00
Sherry & Cherry Poschl Tobacco Co. Made in Germany. 50 gms x 1. $ 15.00
W.O. Larsen Blend # 50 2 x 100 gms $ 30.00 each or 2 for $ 50.00
Sweet Vanilla Dan Tabak- 1 x 50 gms $ 15.00
Dunhill Gold Blend 1980's UK made. (Very rare) Matured Virginia 1 x 50 gms $ 135.00 SOLD
Solani Sweet Mystery EU 2011 - 1 x 50 gms $ 20.00
Barking Dog - House of Windsor USA 10 oz's (283.5 gms). $ 55.00
Gawith Black Twist - rope 1 x 50 gms. $ 20.00
USA Lorillard 7 oz's (198 gms) $ 45.00
Gawith Balkan Mixture UK Made 2010 year. 1 x 50gms $ 28.00
C&D Haunted Bookshop 8 oz's (226 gms)3 x 100 tin Year 2005. Mostly burley mixture with a smidgen of red Virginia and perique. $ 50.00 each

Peter Heinrichs English Blend - Made in USA 1 x 50 gms $ 20.00

email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410

McClelland Tawny Flake 2006. 1 x 50 gms $ 25.00
McClelland Venice Agonya 2010 Virginia & Orientals. 1 x 50 gms $ 25.00
Cellini 1 x 100 gms $ 20.00
McClelland # 6 Qty 1 x 100 gms. 2001. $ 45.00 English/Oriental Mixture.
email us if interested or call 1-888-782-1410
London Blend 1 x 100 gms $ 20.00
Ashton Celebrated Sovereign Year 2000. 3 x 50 gms $ 55.00 a tin. That 27 years old. I am guessing by the printing it was McClelland made.
James Upshall Mild & Sweet Denmark 2 x 100 gms $ 45.00 each
McBaren Navy Flake pre 1999 1 x 100 gms. $ 45.00 Easy to date because it is in D Marks. It has at least 17 years of aging.
McConnell's Scottish Blend. 50 gm EU made. Year 1997. $ 30.00 1 tin. 20 years of aging will make this sing. Original Blend of 1848. Mature red Virginia and Kentucky from North Carolina, Black Cavendish and Turkish with Latakia to produce a blend which has been popular for over a century.
Dunhill Murrays Mild Blend UK Made pre 2005. 2 x 50 gms. $ 65.00
Wessex Export Virginia Shag 2 x 50 gms, $ 15.00 each
Poul Stanwell Jubilee - 1 x 50 gms $ 35.00 - reading the Danish on the back it appears it is Virginias, 3 year aged Burley in Burley and Dark Fired Kentucky with some Oriental. From various reviews and aromatic for pop[el who generally don't like them.
Davidoff Royalty - 50 gms $ 35.00 2010. Qty. 2. Davidoff's Royalty is really the same blend as Elephant & Castle's Cromwell. Ken McConnell, when re-introducing the blends in the 1980s, simply changed the name. I really like the strength of the Virginia and sweetness of the Oriental. There's also a little bit of Latakia in the mix, but it stayed deep in the background. This is one of those blends that somehow ages beautifully. The older the better with Royalty! These are the larger, round tins and were introduced in the late 1990s and then the look of the tins changed somewhere around 2004 or 2005, so, although not date stamped these tins are late 1990s - early 2000's production. I have 2 tins available for $36.00 per tin
Sillems Black Diamond Poul Ilsted - pre 1999 (DM Tax stamp) 100 gms ready rubbed. Germany$ 40.00 With 18 years of aging this should Deb exceedingly smooth. The main ingredient is smoky Latakia with aromatic Black Cavendish, this blend becomes smoother. A small portion of Burley gives a slight toasted aroma, and a pinch of bright Virginia brings a subtle sweet note. All reviews say it is very mellow and enjoyable.
Balkan Sasieni - 1 x 50 gms $ 35.00
Gawith Black XX Kendal Twist 2011 1 x 50 gms. $ 28.00
Erinmore Murrays pre 2005 Made in the UK. 3 x 50 gm $ 55.00 each
Schurch English V & # 128 1 x 50 gms + 1 x 50 gms
$ 40.00
Samuel Gawith Balkan Flake 2010 - Qty 5 tins. $ 28.00 One of my favorite flakes combing the rich full tasting slow burning Virginai Flake with a definite bunt of lightly spicy Latakia. Goes exceedingly well after a diner of lamb chops, mint sauce, potatoes/French Fries accompanied by a Kim Crawford Pinot Noir. For an evening smoke goes well with Laphroaig.
McConnell UK Latakia - this pure Latakia is for blending - 1 x 50 gms $ 35.00
Samuel Gawith - The Mayors Chocolate Flake 2005 Qty 1 tin x 50 gm. Burley/Virginia with some Cyprian Latakia , noticeable but not prominent and of course notes of Chocolate. Whether they actually use chocolate I am not sure. I enjoy it after a steak diner, particularly Rib Eye as it nicely compliments the slight bone sweetness of of the steak. Also goes well with a full bodied red wine with a higher tannin level, Spanish Rojas work well accompanied by English Stilton. Works surprising well with Stout. $ 28.00
Davidoff English Mixture UK made. slightly aromatic. 1997. Qty 1 tin x 50 gm.
One of the few aromatics I will smoke as the taste is predominantly English, meaning Virginias, Oriental and maybe a hint of Latakia. 50 gms. $ 45.00


NEW CANADIAN TOBACCO RULES: The tobacco Gestapo have struck again. You can still order Vintage Tins by emailing us or calling us toll free - 1 888 782 1410.

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